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    Buyer Representation

    Many of our clients are surprised to learn that when you’re in the process of buying a home, you do not pay any additional fee to have an agent represent you as a buyer specialist.

    The reason that our industry operates in that manner is because when a seller decides to list their home, they’re going to meet with their agent, which we refer to as the list agent, or the realtor that represents the seller. In that conversation, before the home ever goes up for sale on the market, or before a for sale sign goes into the yard, the seller and their agent are negotiating the terms of their listing, meaning how much the seller is going to pay the listing broker upon a successful sale of their property. It’s one set commission fee that they agree upon.

    When the listing broker puts the home on the MLS, the local board of realtors requires that the listing broker disclose how much of the listing they’re already collecting from the seller, and how much of that fee they’re going to turn around and share with the buyer’s agent that represents the buyer.

    That is how the buyer’s agent gets compensated for their professional representation and work while working alongside the buyer. So the entire process— from finding your home, to offering on it, to negotiating, guiding you through the entire process of contract to close and getting you successfully to the closing table— that’s all professional representation that you deserve, that you should make certain that you have, at no additional cost to you, and our buyer specialists here at The Price Group would be honored to represent you!

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