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    Salaried Opportunities in Real Estate

    Do you have your Real Estate license, love the industry, yet need a dependable, guaranteed salary?

    We may have the perfect opportunity for you! We promise, it’s NOT too good to be true! Here at The Price Group at Keller Williams, we aren’t your “traditional” real estate team model.  We are building a fast, smart growing company designed to deliver Five Star Service for every client, every time, all the while creating reliable, dependable career and profit generating opportunities for all of our business partners.

    We have several salaried positions available, allowing you to work directly within the excitement of the sales and production side of the business with buyers and sellers ( this is not an administrative role).  This is the perfect opportunity to use your expertise you’ve worked hard to acquire through your earning of your real estate license, while also benefiting from a dependable salary.

    This is what you’ve been searching for, yet it’s almost impossible to come by in our commission-based industry: and opportunity for a salaried position, with ample bonus opportunity – no ceiling on the income you can earn. You see, here at The Price Group, we just think about things differently – which means opportunities exist with us that don’t often exist elsewhere.

    What if this is the game changer you’ve been looking for in your professional development?  If you’re interested in learning more about this role and the opportunity it could provide to you, reach out to us now! In the unpredictability that the past year or so has demonstrated, what a peace of mind to know that yes, there IS an opportunity for you to have predictable income.  Let’s talk further about how we could be in business together with you

    A member of our Leadership Team will be in touch with you shortly.  We can’t wait to share with you how The Price Group is changing the game as to what a real estate organization looks like – and the true career building potential that could be just around the corner for you!

    If you’re tired of the stress of when your next closing will be, or how you will make your commission stretch until the next client lands, we need to talk. There’s a smarter way to invest your energy, profit from your expertise, and be on a path to tremendous future growth opportunities.

    The worn-out idea of the traditionally taught “real estate team” doesn’t live here.

    Together, we are truly building something great. Curious as to if you could be a part of it?

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