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Complimentary Seller Consultation


Knowledge is Power!  How can you be equipped to feel great about decisions regarding buying and selling if you don’t first have all the answers to your questions in hand so that you can make an informed, confident decision?

Through our  Consultation Services, individuals considering a possible future sale will receive a Market Analysis, Seller Net Estimate, and learn about TPG’s 99 Point Marketing Plan.

The Price Group’s Seller Consultation Service provides a Market Analysis on your property against the market, as well as Seller Net Estimate so you can know how much true PROFIT you’re taking to the bank! Plus we will share our innovative and proven 99+ Point Marketing plan that helps you sell your home faster and for more profit than the current market. The Price Group will equip you with plan of attack that meets and empowers your home selling goals so you can love the sale!

Our Real Estate Consultations are completely free services our team provides – a way for you to chat with us one on one so that we can learn more about YOUR real estate needs/timelines, and then, once we understand what is important to you, we can help you in putting together a strategy, a plan of attack, to help you achieve your Real Estate Goals!

Whether you need to sell your current property first, or if you’re already prepared to purchase when the right opportunity comes along, or if you’re needing some assistance in being connected with some fantastic lenders in order to find the  mortgage product that is best for you (unless you’re planning on a cash purchase)… we can help!

100% of our clients LOVE the opportunity of having a personal consultation with us before they make their move – whether it’s a month beforehand, or a whole year – we are just honored to be able to fulfill our commitment in being your Local Real Estate Professional of choice!

Per your schedule, what is generally the best time for you to meet? During the day, on a lunch break, in the evenings, or on the weekends?  Let me know what your calendar looks like over the next few days and we will get your real estate consultation scheduled so that we can answer all your questions, equip you with the info you need in today’s market, and be of great service to you!

Book your Complimentary Consultation here using this link.

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