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    99+ Point Marketing Plan

    We leave no stone unturned; we don’t miss a beat! Access the full Price Group 99+ Point Marketing Plan HERE!

    Why is it important to have the strongest marketing plan working in your best interest?

    So that EVERYONE – all of the A Level Buyers AND the Buyers’ Agents in our market can know not just that your property is for sale, yet also know ALL of its many attributes and features so that they know this is definitely the one they’ve been looking for.

    In other words, your Marketing Plan creates your Supply and Demand energy, and the Demand for your property in the market ultimately determines its top level value.  Learn more now!

    What is the best way to compare two Real Estate Professionals so you know you are selecting the best choice?  Compare their written Marketing Plans side by side – this demonstrates what they are going to do for you to make sure you get the highest price the current market will yield, in the shortest time possible!  Here’s a look at The Price Group’s 99+ Point Marketing Plan!


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