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    Raise The Demand For Your Property, Raise Its Value

    When it comes to real estate, everyone wants to make certain that they are achieving the highest net profit possible in the sale of their home.

    The way that you do that is understanding the basic premise of supply and demand. Here’s the thing— you can’t control the market, and neither can we, but The Price Group at Keller Williams can strategically and smartly control how we influence the demand for your property.

    Your property is the supply— there is only one of your house! Just one! If nobody in the market knows your home is for sale, arguably the value of your home is zero dollars. If your home is for sale on a private market, or a For Sale By Owner environment where the audience of buyers is small, you may be lucky and have one or two people interested in your home; some degree of value may be realized.

    However, if going for the highest profit possible is your goal, then positioning your one product (your property) on a retail market such as the MLS, that is when you position your property in front of the masses of buyer audiences to realize your true value, and that is exactly what The Price Group does for you.

    We have a 99 point marketing plan that we put into place on behalf of all of our sellers. We leave no stone unturned in communicating your properties assets, benefits, and the wonderful lifestyle your property offers to all of the buyers and buyer agents in your market. This makes the demand for your property goes up.

    What would happen if multiple people were interested in your property at the same time? The value goes substantially higher! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go ahead and achieve your highest net profit possible!

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